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United States Capitol

Government Janitorial Service with Personalized, Confidential Service

We embrace compliance and regulatory requirements and promote standardization and safety in all that we do.

Safety, Security, Accountability

We are a service partner that understands the importance of regulatory requirements and legislation—and we have the processes and infrastructures to comply. We have the tools to make complete transparency and seamless communication a reality.
We offer government-sector clients, from the local level to the federal level, an efficient concierge service program focused on compliance and contract management.
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Military Facilities, Courthouses and Detention Centers
 Research Laboratories and Government Offices
Research Laboratories and Government Offices
Parks and Recreation Facilities
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University Campuses
You can trust Kleen-Tech to work safely and securely in your establishment. All work is carried out in accordance with municipal, state, and federal regulations. Our cleaners must go through our selection process and pass a background check before entering any job site.
Our team is trained to maintain confidentiality throughout our partnership and follow all security procedures. All processes are documented to provide a permanent record of protocols and actions taken.

Transparency & Accountability

We offer complete transparency of operations via our Mission Control communication center, SHARP Work Order System, and Raise the Flag incident reporting system. The result is consistent on-demand access to our unrivaled performance in your establishment.

“Kleen-Tech’s focus on continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency creates true partnerships. When we came under economic pressure, Kleen-Tech worked with us to revise custodial services to meet our specific needs and budget.”

Customer, Houston, Texas
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